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Five Things we Know About the New Blade Runner Film

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With all of the speculation, stories and rumours that have surfaced about the upcoming Blade Runner film, we thought that it would be the right time to clarify what we actually know so far.

As such we have created a list of five facts that we know for certain to be true about the upcoming Blade Runner movie.

Fact 1 – The film will be directed by Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott has publicly declared that he will be sitting in the director’s chair for the new Blade Runner film. Scott directed the 1982 original, and recently revisited the sci-fi genre for the first time in a number of years with 2012’s Alien related film Prometheus.

Fact 2 – The film will be a sequel not a prequel

It has been confirmed that the next Blade Runner movie will take place after the events of the original 1982 movie. It has still not been established whether it will focus on any of the original characters however, although a draft script is said to include them (see Fact 3).

Fact 3 – The first draft of the script includes main characters from the original film

Ridley Scott recently discussed the initial draft of the Blade Runner sequel script and revealed that it includes some of the original characters and that he felt that it so far “looks really good”.

Fact 4 – The film will be produced by Alcon Entertainment

Alcon Entertainment acquired the rights to Blade Runner in March 2011 and put the wheels in motion to develop a new Blade Runner film. Alcon Entertainment have been established since 1997 and have financed and produced over 20 films, including The Blind Side (2009) and The Book of Eli (2010).

Fact 5 – Blade Runner 2 will feature a female protagonist

Ridley Scott confirmed after his first meeting with Alcon Entertainment about the Blade Runner sequel that the movie will feature a female protagonist. He stated:

“We have a very good take on it. And we’ll definitely be featuring a female protagonist.”

So that’s it five cut and dry facts about Blade Runner 2, don’t forget to subscribe to this website for all the latest updates on the new movie.

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