Official Blade Runner Sequel Concept Art Published

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In an interview with EW, Blade Runner 2 director Denis Villeneuve discussed his thoughts on the production of what is sure to be one of the most anticipated sequels of all time.

During the interview Villeneuve confirmed that events during the film will take place “several decades after the original”.

Also confirmed was that the setting will once again be a “future Los Angeles”, however it will be one that encompasses a large portion of the West Coast. Villeneuve said: “The climate has gone berserk – the ocean, the rain, the snow is all toxic.”

The snowblower in the image below hovers above the street and destroys all of the “toxic” snow in this futuristic vision.

Concept art

A second piece of official concept art was also released below, however Villeneuve didn’t comment on it, so it’s entirely left to your imagination…

Concept art 2


A third piece of concept art has been widely released:

Blade Runner 2 concept art

All of the above images have been added to our official Blade Runner 2 image gallery.

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